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Default Your Latest XBOX Gaming news

Ubisofts newest Installment to the PoP franchise is coming soon: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. This installment takes place inbetween the first game and the second.

The game is running (I think) on the Assassin's Creed 2 engine and so looks gorgeous.

It comes out around the same time as the movie

Rockstar's most ambitious game to date is hitting stores sometime next year. L.A. Noire.

This is a detective style game that takes place in the 1940's LA.

Rockstar has once again broken the mold and taken into the most crazy and realistic facial expressions to date.

With these expressions so life-like, you will need to interrogate and investigate your way through this game, not shoot and steal cars. This is NOT another GTA. This is a new breed.

GI Game of the month and other reviews: (scored 1-10)

Game of the Month:

Mass Effect 2: 9.75

Bioshock 2: 8.25

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: 9.5

Dante's Inferno: 7

Aliens vs. Predator: 5.75

Final Fantasy XIII: 9.25

White Knight Chronicles: 7.25

Heavy Rain: 9.5
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Thanks for this information nice work
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