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Default Medal of Honor goes modern.

Medal of Honor Preview - Xbox 360 Preview at IGN

Do you think we will get so sick of modern shooters we cry out for a WWII FPS?
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Nope, cuz modern shooters can have many variations, where as WW2 shooters will always be either North Africa, Europe, or Pacific battlefronts. And seriously, after playing literally every MoH, CoD, and nearly every BF game, I'm kinda over WW2... Besides, this is the first like MoH has gone modern and I would actually like to see what they come up with, after all, MoH does generally have a pretty decent SP component.

All that being said, I would like to see more futuristic shooters, but not ridiculously sci-fi like laser rifles and what not. BF2142 had it done up pretty good, if it werent for all the glitches/exploits and the large amount of cheaters online, it prolly would have been my favourite shooter =]

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I cant wait to try out the upcoming MoH. After reading the interviews and watching the video I am pshyched!
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