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Default MX vs ATV Reflex is underated

been playing this game alot, so thought i'd tell u guys a bit about it, & from the standpoint of someone who used to race MX competitively (a long time ago).

you can probably tell by the title, that i'm enjoying the game
but will try to be objective here by mentioning the bad points as well as the good points.

this installment of the MX vs ATV franchise is a HUGE improvement over previous ones.
i bought it for the MX bikes & Supercross tracks. that is where the game shines.

they've taken the 2 wheeled vehicle's a few steps closer to a true sim. it's not quite there yet, but they're getting very close. it has the most realistic dirt bikes in any game ive played.
first off; the steering is way better. the new 'Reflex' controls separate rider movement from bike/steering (like real MX in some ways). cornering now feels more natural, especially when using the 1st person camera.

the Supercross tracks (in stadiums at night) are designed very well & look good . so many jumps. they require precise timing, which pays off in terms of speed, which helps u clear the next set of jumps, & so on. u can get a real flow going, that feels realy good when played in first person camera. especially good when clearing three jumps at a time

this game has a few bad points. (most of which don't effect the Supercross events at all)

the outdoor (daytime) tracks, don't look as good as the indoor (nightime) Supercross tracks. mainly because the sunlight effects are way too weak.

& some outdoor tracks are so ruff, they make the first person camera unuseable for the events on those particular tracks (the one they give u in the demo).

the 'free roam' maps have terrible graphics issues. i don't know why they put them in the game. there's plenty of other (better) stuff in the game to keep players occupied.

something else that shouldn't be in the game, are the 4 wheeled vehicle's.
THEY ARE BORING!!! & the way they jump is totally unrealistic! they are not like a sim at all. forget the buggys & trucks ect. we can get better one's in other games. anyway, people should only buy Reflex for the MX bikes.

if you want to race MX bikes, this is the only game out there. dont bother with the 4 wheeled vehicles. just unlock a decent bike, such as the KTM 250 (2 stroke engine ), select first person camera view & hit the Supercross tracks for some intense racing with great technical jumps. enjoy

PSN: sellfcon

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