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Default Guitar Hero 6???

Rumour has it that Guitar Hero 6 is on its way....
Do we need another Guitar Hero?
Some people feel that its lost its way a bit, too much main stream music and needs to go back to its roots of good old Rock & Roll.
What do you think, be interesting to hear other views?
I know my daughter will be happy, can't get her off of the thing on both the DS and Playstation!

Sharon from Video Games CV
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I really wish they'd just release a pack where you buy the controller/"instrument" bits, and a disc that has the core game but no actual songs on it. Instead, all the songs are DLC, this core pack includes a coupon letting you download X number of tracks.

But that's just because of all these guitar hero and rockband games, with what, like 20-30 tracks on each edition? There's never more than half a dozen songs on any one game that I actually like. Combined, over the whole series, there's enough to make 1 game I could really enjoy.
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I heard Rock Band 3 is in the pipe as well. I'm getting a little burnt out with new versions. I have way too many plastic instruments. I'd be much happier with Chief's suggestion.

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Judging by the layer of dust covering covering my guitars and drum kit ... our family is over Guitar Hero.
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Same here, used to enjoy a bash at it. A few months ago I got sick of all the plastic instruments taking up space, packed it up and put in the back room.
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