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Default Bad Company 2 private matches/pub nights?

Hey guys. I'm an avid BF player, and I was wondering if TOG players ever have certain nights they all gather together and play against one another in friendly private matches?

I really miss the ol' days of playing BF2 PC with a team of eight guys calling out strategies and squad hopping in-game. There's so much depth in this game that's untapped due to there not being any full team chat in pubs. It's also hard as hell to get more than three friends into a single server on the same team.

Anyway, if anyone here ever wants to play some friendly private matches, please feel free to add me on xbl: TTU VAPOR

Look forward to playing with some TOG guys soon!

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Tuesday night is the night most have selected to play BFBC2, but what format PS3 XBOX or PC? I have the Xbox Version and would be happy to join you any time, except Wednesday MAG night and Sunday WOW night. We did have a sticky on what night members want to play and what game, but it's been deleted.
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I'm on nearly every night mate. If you're on XBOX my tag is "Fall of Enosis." Right now I'm on a 2 week game hiatus to catch up on some reading, but after that hit me up!
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Hey guys,

I wanna organize something that's weekly or nightly, probably weekly for now till enough players show interest, then it could turn into something nightly eventually.

Basically I want to get at least eight players online on say a Wed night or a whichever and we'll all gather in a private match lobby together, split up the teams, and then go at it for a few hours on different maps.

It's kind of a daunting process, but basically the team leader for each team would create a party chat, then invite those players into party chat. Once in-game, create squads on the fly and invite who you want from your team to your squads.

i.e., if the map has armor on it, designate someone to be in a two man squad for armor. Make an infantry-only squad, etc...

Let me know if you guys would really be interested in this. Pubbing is fun and all, but it gets boring when you can't talk to your entire team.

By the way, this is for XBOX.

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