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Thumbs up Mass Effect 2 going Cheap

Bioware’s action-RPG Mass Effect 2 is half-price at EB Australian stores until June 1.

Xbox 360 for $53 and on PC for $48.

Bargain Hunter: Mass Effect 2 Price Goes Renegade | Kotaku Australia

Easily worth $50, even if it's an EA game
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My wife rang me earlier from Cairns and said she saw this on sale. Decided not to get it yet as i have only just gotten the first one. Was tempting but with trying to finish forza 3 and RDR i dont think i will ever finish the first one.
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I only played the main game in Mass Effect and some of the side quest and then stupid me, gave it to my Nephew I loved the game But I will wait for the big price drop befor I buy the next one I have too many unfinished games as it is. Its not that I dont like the games I have, its the big decission which one shall I play now, or its a time factor I wish we had 28 hours in the day I would set 4 hours aside for gaming.
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I agree with you Jonny, half the reason i don`t buy many games anymore is i would like to finish some of the hardly played ones i have sitting around. It works out nice as i just got Mass Effect 1 for $20 and have picked up some others at that price that normally i would have gotten on launch.

Only games i buy straight away now are multi player games
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