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Default My own Super Mario Galaxy 2 review

hey guys, i beat mario galaxy 2 and reviewed it for my new webpage ive been working on. check it out:


any thoughts?
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Hey Snake. You might want to have a wee look at the page the review is on. The text appears to have a mind of it's own and isn't wraping.

That aside, nice review there. Seems you've tried to cover ever aspect of the game, although I think I might have detected a slight bias towards the Mario games.

Maybe if reviewing games is something you would like to do more of, you should have a chat with some of the TOG Journos around the forums. I'm sure they'd be happy to provide ideas and tips for writing reviews.
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It was wrapping on my screen, but would look better justified?

Nice review.

As Scratches said, if you love to review games ... TOG loves a game reviewer
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Excellent work could make the the score at the end a little bigger but that's nothing.

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Thanks for the great feedback. I was thinking of adding photos into the text but it just looked easier to read for me when I set it up with photos on side. I was thinking of justified format but it looks too funny to me with the weird spaces. I will make the score larger and my next review will not be as long but a new Mario game is a big event and I wanted to do it justice.
Wish I could get my hands on Red Dead Redemption to review it, oh well, Star Craft 2 campaign for sure when it comes out next month.
thanks again
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