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Default EA sports active

With the release of EA Sports Active 2 around a month away now:

EA Sports Active 2 - EA Games

....and the coming of warmer weather making me want to start exercising again I thought I'd cheak out the original EA Sports Active.

So..today I started on the 30 day challenge. Although the cord between the wiimote and nunchuck can sometimes be annoying I found the actual set up very easy to use and instructions simple to follow. The personal trainer is very positive and encouraging without making you want to smoother her with a pillow to shut her up.

We'll see how I like it in about a week...whether or not it keeps my interest. Will it turn me into a lean, mean fighting machine...no. That's not what it is designed for. Will it help me be able to move a desk without having to stop and puff and pant...yes I believe it will. And that's pretty much all I'm really looking for

I am interested in the second one and like the look of it so far.

thank you Birko for the sig
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