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Default Community Playdate!!!??

Alright 360 TOG Members, As my new promotion states, I guess Its my responsibility to get some stuff happening around here.Lets get set up to start a playdate for us to get togeather before the major Holidays hit us!!! Any games I didn't mention, and are interested in creating games and dates for, please reply, and set up your times and what you think will be a good day to set up a day for us to get together. If its a limited group based game, Lets start up some "squads" for playing together.

IE : Team Slayer, Swat, Team Objective are all 4 team games, BTB is up to 8 a team. COD Hardcore I believe is 6 on a team....

Also, make a note of your play styles, so we can do the best to match all of us up correctly. Some people are hardcore cometitive players, while others prefer the campaign story missions.

Note : I only have Modern Warfare 2, Halo Reach. Any other games, like Bad Company 2, I will not be able to join you, but Ill still wish out group well out there on the battlefields. I also at the moment, do NOT have a Mic....a series of unfortunate events have damaged it, the earpiece works, I can still hear, but the mic itself doesn't seem to work.

As soon as I get some comments on when people are available, Ill set up a decent time, and date for us all to meet. Sign up now if interested!!!


Modern Warfare 2 - Date Not Set

Halo: Reach - Date Not Set
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