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Zeoinx 9th November 2010 07:51 PM

Call of Duty : Black Ops Review
Now this is a minor review, as I haven't played more then around 8 matches of Multiplayer, and have not touched single player. My friend bought it and we went to the midnight release for his, so we came back to my place to play a few rounds before he went home to sleep.

Compared to Modern Warfare 2, the game feels more....I would almost declare User Friendly, with the credit system unlock pattern of unlocking weapons, attachments, and perks, it feels like a choose your own adventure style of gameplay where you decide what you unlock and when. My first purchase using the credit system was the M16 Red Dot sight, and it improved my gaming experience right away. Where normally in MW2, you would need to get so many kills first with that weapon to unlock the attachment, you can now use any weapon that you have unlocked, and buy a attachment with the credits earned from the kills to buy attachments for other weapons. In this, You may find yourself using a different gun due to ease of use via Iron Sights vs the gun that you feel requires a actual form of "scope" or "aiming ridicule" and then switching over to the better gun, once you can buy the attachment for it. Keeping with my enjoyment of using the 3 round burst, I unlocked the ACOG scope, which is kinda like a low powered sniper scope, again was able to feel right at home compared to MW2 gameplay. This alone is a massive improvement for gameplay.

But then, The graphics and level layout of this game are in a entirely different category compared to MW2. Jungle, which is the level name, seems simply said a jungle, but it actually is broken into various different environments. Sure, the entire thing is jungle with vines and vegetation everywhere, but they have burnt huts,other various old temple structures, and mountain passes to walk around giving it a very multi layered experience. I feel this game looks amazing, and seems like the best looking shooter on 360 currently.

The other levels, also feel very layered, with lots of places to run around, get around people. Camping, while its still is possible in gameplay, requires a bit more movement to accomplish properly as there is normally many different paths leading to various sections of areas. So sure, sitting in a corner, waiting for someone to pass still works, but don't be to surprised if after the first 2 kills, they decide to flank in a different way.

I am not sure if they have newb tubes, and how this will play out in the grand scheme of things, Hopefully they won't be as cheap as MW2 if they are still in it. But We also have Flame Thrower Attachments now, and other very fun toys to play with.

I was skeptical, thinking the game was going to suck, or I wasn't going to be able to keep up with others, but my first matches I didn't find one thing to complain about...and I am normally very critical of games. Black Ops, looks like it may shape up to be my new shooter of choice...just as soon as I find the 60 dollars to throw down on to it.

Any specific questions, ask and I may be able to answer.

Bawheidbob 10th November 2010 04:07 AM

Very nice read, i may get round to playing this eventually.

ozivillan 10th November 2010 10:22 PM

going to give it a go in 3D tomorow, only intrested in the 3D single player campaign, so will borrow my sons copy and have a look at it before taking the plunge

Pure Mongrel 11th November 2010 09:24 AM

3D is only in 720p

Chief 11th November 2010 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel (Post 2955287)
3D is only in 720p

Most games don't even run at that anyway, Black Ops on PS3 runs at 960x544

ozivillan 11th November 2010 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel (Post 2955287)
3D is only in 720p

game is not overly impresive graphics wise, some of the cut scenes should have looked better than they do, 3D wise this is very impressive, weapon detail is superb, 3D has the wow factor when you sight up, it's as though the sights are right up against your eye, only played single player up to where they get away on the plane leaving you behind after destroying the veichels blocking the runway, my son had a go with it and all i heard from him was wow this wow that, big :bigthumbsup: for the short time i played in 3D, i sit about 2.4mts from my 58" plasma, and it draws you right into the action, may try sitting a bit closer, but my other son tried this with wipeout HD 3D and sat only a meter from the TV after a fairly long spell on it he went outside for a smoke and nearly fell over :biglol:

Frame rate side by side

also been reading that the 360 does a better job than the PS3 in 3D which surprised me considering that the PS3 has had a 3D firmware update for gaming

Max Damage 12th November 2010 12:28 PM

Interesting that the 360 experience seems to be a lot more favourable than the other platforms. After some early lag I have had a great time in MP with pretty decent and consistent connections.

The game itself is great imo, the maps are fantastic and very multi-dimensional as mentioned in the OP. The graphics are decent if not spectacular and the new modes of play, wager system, theatre etc are great additions.

Does TOG ever have console divs for these types of games like the pc gamers have?

George 12th November 2010 09:40 PM

I've changed my strategy a bit and started playing the MP before completing the SP. I should have done this years ago!

: We don't normally get the numbers like the PC boys to warrant a separate division and in addition to this we've also found that the console peeps move onto the next new game quicker as well. I put that down to the console players being better looking that the PC lot, but they may have other ideas :)

Zeoinx 13th November 2010 10:40 PM

The Review!!! Part II
ok, now that I own it, Sadly had to sell a few games to get it, (goodbye Reach lol) The game is a freaken great. Single Player's story has enough plot twists to keep me interested, though I suspected a few of them earlier then the clues point out. The only depressing side is its not Co-Op, I remember a few levels I would find myself dreaming of me and a friend jumping from Roof top to Roof top together but sadly, no co-op.

Zombie's Mode, Haven't tried it really, outside of once just for this review, and to best of knowledge its just like the old version.

Multiplayer, once again is pretty fun, though lately Ive been noticing a few flaws and things that I finally can bitch about. Mainly surrounding by either my bullets seem to vanish even at point blank range, where I shoot someone dead on, and they somehow don't die, turn around and kill me in one blast, or even long shots, same thing.Head shots, while supposedly helpful, I find i need to shoot 3 or 4 times in there heads for them to die, and I know I am hitting the head, cause I hear the stupid
"bing" sound effect from the bullet hitting the helmet, but wait, why is my bullet hitting the helmet if I am at the face, and now suddenly helmets are determining factor in head shots when no other game helmets matter. Hell, even in Halo a head shot is instant death, unless you are fighting a brute.....which I never understood in that game either. *shrugs* So there you have it folks, Humans in COD are as strong as Brutes!!! We need to lose our helmets to die.

Other complaints.....the level layout is way way too complex for most of the level, it totally ignores the rule of KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid!!!, while yes, complexity spices up areas in a level, the entire level shouldn't have a 4 different line of sight on it. And that's Minimal, I mean seriously, there is no where to run to reload your gun half the time in complete safety of a corner, or nook. I respect complicity, and like it where there are sections that use it, but a entire level so complex that there is no breathing room between spawn and death gets old real quick.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the level known as Nuke Town.... :mad: Who ever designed that level needs to be fired and imprisoned for life.

So yea, My full review gives it a 7 out of 10 bullets to the head.

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