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Old 2nd December 2010, 05:00 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel View Post
May even be the excuse I need to get a 3D TV ... but I am still not sold on the concept to be honest.
seems it stacks up quite well in the 3D department, and kicks black ops 3D attempt well into touch

In Depth: 3D console gaming test: Gran Turismo 5 3D | 3D Radar - 3D news and reviews

might just sway me now to get this

PS anyone running a 3D TV and need some content head over here

3D TV Latest News - 3D TV Reviews | 3D TV News | 3D TV downloads | 3D Games | Samsung 3D TV | LG 3D TV | SONY 3D TV | Panasonic 3D TV

plenty of decent lengh clips available in the download section
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Retired Captain
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Originally Posted by Getafix View Post
but in the end I'm still enjoying it despite its flaws
I enjoy the racing .... guess I just expected more from the whole experience. I will continue updating my garage and prey for some earth shattering updates
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Old 2nd December 2010, 09:47 PM   #23 (permalink)
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Damn that's an awesome setup PM. Was thinking of building something myself when I get to cooktown as would love to organize some regular GT/Forza nights.
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Old 3rd December 2010, 12:44 AM   #24 (permalink)
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"What do you mean by AS? If they did not do any work on an AI for this game, what the heck were they working on all this time?"

Referring to GT5's Artificial stupidity as "intelligence" is ridiculous flattery. The cars are on predicable rails, and if you want to stop tearing your hair out you need to adjust accordingly. Turn the racing line on, not for you, but so you know where & when the other cars will brake.

This could easily be remedied by giving non player controlled cars several options to negotiate a circuit - even employing the variety of cornering/braking methods they outline in the tutorial would work. Giving them some sort of situational awareness would be very useful also. Other games seem to have done it, for GT5 to have not done so is IMO, deplorable.

"In car view for only premium cars is just weak. This game bills itself as a serious SIM, but only if you want to race premium cars? What about all those old classics you can only get in the used car section?"

I agree, but I'm not as firm in my opinions as you are. Imagine rendering 800+ cockpits. Pass. Or, imagine the flack they'd cop for having inaccurate ones. Pass. I'm reasonably happy playing it now with what's there, as opposed to waiting until 2025 until all of the cockpits are done.

In addition to this, I think you'll find there's a pretty smart selection of "classics" in the dealerships too.

I'm really sorry to come across like this, especially before our first date!

I am reading this and thinking that I'm sounding like a contemptuous prick, but at the same time I'm telling it how I see it..

Maybe it's time for bed. Me and my masculine 05 fiesta 2dr did some 500km today chasing storms. Look forward to racing you all, and should have some time to do so by winter.. Victoria's storm season has been effing amazing so far. Already I could have driven to Perth from Melbourne and half way back on the amount of clicks I've clocked up!

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Old 3rd December 2010, 12:46 AM   #25 (permalink)
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"This game bills itself as a serious SIM"
Always has. But never, ever forget this!
YouTube - Clinton, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...

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Old 3rd December 2010, 05:09 AM   #26 (permalink)
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Gran Turismo 5 review, Gran Turismo 5 Review, PS3 Reviews | Games

Good review i thought made me decide that i am just not going to bother.

I will have to give Forza a go as i got the limited edition and have played for about 20 mins total
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Old 3rd December 2010, 08:50 AM   #27 (permalink)
Retired Captain
Retired Captain
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That is a good review Bob, thanks for sharing. He puts it far better than I can.

GT5 promised so much but delivered so little in terms of advancement. Considering how long it took to make it should have lived up to what it promised.

The base is still solid. The racing is good, but I would argue that previous GT games did it better. This alone begs the question "what did they do during all that development time?"

GT5, at least on consoles, should be the pinnacle of racing SIMs. Once it came out, racing fans every where should have dropped their copies of Forza, NFS, F1, etc. and never looked back.

Instead, the majority of GT fans have exclaimed "WTF?!?" "This is not what I expected!"

Is GT5 a good racing game? Well it is, but it should be the best. Titles like Forza and Shift have in car views for all cars. To only have them for select cars is alienating potentially the largest market for this game.

GT5 should have left Forza at the starting line in a cloud of burnt rubber smoke, but it is coming second to a much older game that has the balance between SIM and Arcade right, pays service to all aspects of racers needs and even allows you to link up 3 XBOX's and TV's for a real immersion experience.

Couple the auction features, custom graphics design mode, ease of XBOX live use over the PSN system and reasonable load times ... Forza makes GT5 look like an unfinished project.

SONY and GT fans deserved better. (Especially as the RRP for the base version of the game is $119Aus. $129 for the collectors and $299 if I wanted a GT leather wallet and model car with the game.)

I am still very eager to race against TOGers and I am certain that it is going to be great fun. (As I said the racing base is still very solid). This is the only reason I am keeping it.

As a single player experience, GT5 is a huge let down that I hope will be repaired with updates.

For value for money, Forza 3 and NFS Shift are a far better proposition, especially now that you can pick these up for so cheap. Even at full freight they are better value for money than GT (in it's current state).

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Guild Officer
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I'm still having all sorts of fun playing, let me know if anyone organises a TOG racing night, could be good
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Old 4th December 2010, 09:16 AM   #29 (permalink)
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Can only play about half an hour before I crack it with this game. Menu arrangement is appalling. Having to remember which car you need for a particular race, then go to the used/new car menu to purchase!?!?!? Glad to see I'm not the only one with frustrations with this one. Apart from graphics, I really don't see much progression past GT1. Sense of driving speed though I feel is very good.
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