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George 28th November 2010 02:10 PM

What's it like then?

Being stuck over here with no PS3 is not very nice.

Getafix 28th November 2010 04:10 PM

I'm by no means a GT or racing game nut, although I have played them all since the original GT on PS1. Been a long time between drinks, so any comparisons may be somewhat inaccurate.

You can't upgrade your brakes for some odd reason, which sucks because that is usually one of the first things I do. Other than that, the usual plethora of upgrades and tweaking options are alive and well.

At first I was a little underwhelmed when browsing the available cars, but it seems a lot are on the (ever changing in real time) used car list, or given as prizes. This can be annoying, for instance to finish the amateur series of races I need to get my hands on a big ute (pick up truck for the yanks :p), but I have no way to get my hands on one until it comes up on the used car trader.

It seems a little... easy so far - not the racing, but how quickly you can get new cars and unlock more races etc. This may very well be no easier than the last ones however, it just seemed that I spent the first hours racing around in little hatchbacks, before ending up in a 750 odd horsepower GT-R and now having a stable of exotic cars from rewards - for example for winning the professional (I think, the third set of events) championship I received a Bugatti Veyron - it just seems like I shouldn't have all these exotic beasts handed to me so frequently. I have played a lot this weekend though I guess.

The graphics are great despite some jaggies and the usually horrible zombie spectators - though I never noticed them too much until my five year old had a go and ended up nose to a barrier with them standing there, looking all uncanny.

The divide between the regular and premium cars isn't honestly huge IMO, though the lack of a cockpit view in the standard cars stops me from using it at all as I find it too jarring switching views when switching cars.

If anything here looks overly critical it's because people usually remember/point out the bad things - I'm actually having a ball and so far in my mind it's every bit as good as its predecessors.

I challenge anyone to throw a '69 Stingray around Luguna Seca and tell me otherwise :p

Of course played in high def on a 55" screen with surround sound really adds a whole new element that I hadn't experienced in the prior games. I actually have an unused (more because I forget than anything else) Buttkicker Gamer next to my PC - if I had the time/money I'd con a mate who can weld into helping me build a seat. A seat with steering wheel and pedals, Buttkicker and the sound cranked up until the windows rattle would further increase the immersion I'm sure :)

No doubt there's plenty I've missed, and I'd be interested to hear other TOGgers reviews as well.

George 28th November 2010 06:21 PM

+1 for the review. I get home around 20th December and will be straight on GT3

Bawheidbob 28th November 2010 06:25 PM

Good to hear those thoughts, i am still not convinced i am going to bother just yet. I thought for years this was going to be a day 1er but maybe it has just been to long and expectations too high.

exploit 30th November 2010 10:48 PM

I have mixed feelings atm as I feel let down on a whole as Forza 3 is a much much better overall package. The handling feels like it has been made easier, a bit more forgiving. To casual racers thats prolly a good thing but GT is normally very sim like but this one feels a bit arcade compared to other sim games.
Also can't stand that you have to level up to unlock real damage, and it calls itself a simulator.

The premium vs standard cars shits me off, forza has cockpit views for all cars and I want to be able to turn the 05 WRX into a race car ( as that's what I drive irl ) but can't as it's a standard car. Also when is a game going to get the WRX engine noise right, it sounds shit house as does the big v8 in my stingray, sounds like my muscle car has a jap 4 pot in it.

I have not tried online yet but planing on hitting mungrel up for a GTR race soon to test.

With the complaints out of the way, I'm having a ball, it is GT after all and I can't think of a better way to spend my afternoons racing and tuning some cars. Just wish they had put the last 6 years to better use making it a complete package. Hopefully we get some new cars and tracks soon with some Aussie flavour, until then I have to stick with rfactor for my Aussie tracks.

I do plan on buying a racing wheel and seat after Xmas once my move to Cooktown is over then it should be even more fun.

Ancient_One 1st December 2010 05:45 AM

If a little noisy. The whiring sound and shudders from impacts and bad turns is incredible.

We are in the front of the house and our son is playing in the rumpus room and you sure can hear it.

Still it appears to be a lot of fun.

If those are the only complaints you have then I say that's pretty good mate.

Pure Mongrel 1st December 2010 08:04 AM

I feel kind of the same as Exploit in regards to GT5. I think Forza is the better game, but because he Logitech steering wheel is better than the Microsoft one I enjoy driving on GT more. If I was just using controllers Forza would win hands down IMHO.

@ Exploit. Dude I have just bought these plans for a race pod: Microsim Mk2 Racebase plan set registration

I will be using some of the info provided by YZ250 to improve the build ;) Way YZ Plays

Hopefully it will look close to this, but console based an more "Mongrel Racing" themed! ;)

May even be the excuse I need to get a 3D TV ... but I am still not sold on the concept to be honest.

Ancient_One 1st December 2010 10:37 AM

That race pod looks pretty sweet. Let me know how it goes mate.

I might be interested in acquiring the plans from you. See if my handyman skills are up to the task.

Bawheidbob 1st December 2010 08:32 PM

Feck me that is pretty amazing PM you chaps down south are pretty mad for the games.

You all need to get back outside with the bat n ball no wonder its all going wrong :)

Pure Mongrel 1st December 2010 09:00 PM

Actually this project stemmed from trying to figure out what to do with the boy during school holidays. (So he did not sit on the console all day).

This can be considered creative parenting. He gets to learn a couple of new skills, he gets a sense of accomplishment, he gets quality "dad" time and he has to work on it outside.

The fact that we are building it for racing games is the "carrot" ;)

Oh and he plays baseball, so we have bat and ball covered :D

Funny enough ... another win for gaming. He got a love for baseball from playing the Wii. I personally like my sports to have more contact in them, like Gridiron, but he loves it so I watch him play every Saturday morning. (Hmm ... wish they played in the afternoon ... at least then I could drink beer while watching ;))

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