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Default What is the best Wii game that features both hunting and fishing?

I am looking for a Wii game that features fishing and hunting. I want to be able to play as real people, not these monsters like in all those Wii Ware Fishing games.
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mmm i figured this was some sort of joke post.

Are there games like this?
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I think mopnster hunter is the only wii game I know that fits the bill.

Monster Hunter Tri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The rest are all afaik hunting OR fishing games. Perhaps a little more info would help.
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Not sure if you ever played the original, but man this was a must buy when I saw it:

Warning - its not everyones cup of tea!

*** Woah I need to read more ... off topic but I will leave it here soz ***
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Dude had advertising in his signature so I doubt he'll be back to check either of his 2 posts anyway
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