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Why do you love your Xbox/PS3/Wii , I challenge you to talk about why you love about your game system without putting down or even referancing any other consoles Just say what you love about your console of choice.

Just curious about our natural instincts as (insert console here) Fanboys/girls. So what do you love about your console?

Bonus Points: Whats something you love about the apposing system?
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XBOX is my console of choice. The main reasons:

1) Most of my favorite games are on this console.
2) The easy of communication between players.
3) The ease of connecting players to the same game.

The PS3 comes a close second. The reasons being:

1) Many of my other favorite games are on this console.
2) I love that I can upgrade the Hard Drive without having to pay through the nose for a proprietary one.
3) I like how I can use my G27 steering wheel with GT5

The Wii comes third ... cause there are no other console to pick from!
I do like on this console however because:

1) Mario Kart
2) Golden Eye 007
3) The fact that it does not take up too much room
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