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Default Uncharted ?

Just finished playing through the first game ( on hard ) and what a totally awsemone game. Game play, puzzles,and story was great.

Just wondering what you guys/girls thought of the second one! ( Uncharted 2)

Personally I liked the story,however the game play seemed to easy. I know it's an older game, however it takes away from the original quality of the original. The first game was difficult, the second was rather easy.

Just wondering did you think the first one was better than the second one?

If you have any recommendations for PS3 games, I'm all ears.

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I am a big fan of both of the unchartered games. Which is suprising in itself as i couldn't get on with any of the lara croft games. I don't think i finished any of them.
It's been a long time since i played them and can't remember if the second one was easier than the first one. I know i only finished the first one on the medium setting so +1 for that mate

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Great games, so pumped for Drake's Deception

Found the difficulty was ok on both but then I do my first run on the easiest setting as I just like to chill and enjoy the story, and the 2nd on crushing which is a bit harder.

I find any game with a cover system and regenerating health to be too easy though.
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Ive played a demo of the second one and totally loved it, only thing is i have so many games at the moment so its on my to buy list for the future
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Did not find either game too taxing, though i do not think i bothered with the first game other than normal.

Admittedly 2nd game is probably too easy as its the only game i have plat trophy.

Good games though probably two of the best of this generation for any platform.
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