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Pure Mongrel 24th January 2011 09:40 AM

Boo SONY! Boooo games industry!
While our American counter parts can enjoy DCUO for the monthly price of $14.99US ... Australian players of the same game (and same value currency) have to pay $19.99 AUS for the privilege.

The question then needs to be asked, who is price gouging us? We have been paying (in most cases) over double for games compared to the US and the blame has been aimed squarely at the retailers.

But when Australian gamers are also being "overcharged" by online services it makes me wonder who is really to blame?

Between getting overcharged, paying for DLC that should have been part of the original purchase and, in many cases, poor server / product support, I for one am seriously considering turning my back on this form of entertainment / hobby.

I just have better things to do with my time and money and I am sick of being treated like a "cash cow"! :mad:

GiantDave7 24th January 2011 10:32 AM

Yeah I saw this and noted in the forums that RadarX has promised a repsonse after he investigates. What is really getting up people's noses is that there was wabolutely no indication in the advertising or on the website that Australia would be subjectto differant pricing. All the marketing and website materials only listed the UZ and UK pricing.

I'm really interested to see how Sony responds and what they say to justify the price differance.

Ebonytears 24th January 2011 10:37 AM

It is extremely annoying to say the least. The same thing happens with still pay more than the US even though the exchange rate is close to parity. Some games have quite a noticeable difference.

Ancient_One 24th January 2011 12:47 PM

I noticed red dead undead in JBHIFI for $50 today where I had bought online through PSN for $29 including two other expansions. It's very confusing to say the least, the pricing situation stinks.

urgal1 24th January 2011 12:59 PM

Just look at I tunes, Aussie pay around 58% more than the Yanks, and they wonder why people create American itune accounts.

Chief 24th January 2011 01:00 PM

I haven't bought a game at retail price from an Australian store for like 3 years now. Even on steam if something is regionally priced I usually get someone in the US to gift it to me. Problem is there's too many people who don't realise how badly we get ripped off and as long as they're buying games locally the prices aren't going to drop.

The DCUO subscription pricing really baffles me though. Can't you just buy a time card code online for the US price anyway?

Pure Mongrel 24th January 2011 03:58 PM

I don't think so Chief. With the PSN store SONY has the unique ability to "keep it in house" as it were.

It may be different for the PC version as I think you can pay for "Station" access, but I don't think that covers the PS3 version.

What I fear (and I do understand that it may just be because I am a paranoid grumpy old fart) is what is becoming the "accepted" norm in console gaming.

We are rapidly getting locked into a scenario where the purchase of the actual game is only the beginning of the spending adventure.

After we purchase a game, we no longer have the mind set that we have purchased the right to use a product.

We readily accept that we pay to play a game until a new map pack or other type of DLC comes out. Once this new content comes out, in many cases, we are forced to purchase the DLC so that we can keep playing the product at an "acceptable" level.

Many online shooters require the purchase of map packs so you can keep playing with other people online.

Some sports games allow people to pay for cheats (and that is all they really are).

Some games require the purchase of DLC so the player can get all the achievements.

Add to this that the vast majority of console games has no community mod / create ability (exceptions being LBP and some shooters with map editors) and my fear about console gaming becoming "user continually pays to enjoy" is not as paranoid as I appear to be! ;)

I realize I have derailed my own topic ... but does anyone else agree with what I am saying? Does anyone else think we are starting to get taken for a ride and are becoming unwitting pawns in an unscrupulous money making entity?

To be clear, it is not the online stores I have an issue with, nor even the ability to add content to an existing game. This new business model has allowed us to access independent works and, in theory, prolong the life / value of a favorite game.

What I am becoming jaded about is the way that companies now are withholding content to charge for it separately; charging outrageous prices for content because they know people will pay to keep playing online; allowing people to pay for cheats and then (to add insult to injury), charge some players more for the same content just because they live in a different country.

There once was a time when our society had companies that showed their appreciation to loyal customers by giving added value ... now it seems we are a society of consumers that shows our loyalty to companies by giving them more dollars to add value to their products! :(

Ancient_One 24th January 2011 04:52 PM

I red somewhere, Red Dead, that they claimed they were only able to offer a set amount of free stuff through the PSN network and the rest had to have a charge associated with it.

Is this true. Does Sony apply that sort of restriction to their store?

GiantDave7 27th January 2011 11:33 AM

Oh man. They have just updated the list on the DCUO website listing international pricing. To say Sony has screwed the pooch and made things incredably confusing is an understatement.

While the situation for Australia sucks, I had a look at our friends over the pond.
For PC they are charging the standard $15USD (why NZ gets the US pricing but AUS gets seperate pricing is unknown) but for PS3 they are charging $25NZD (approx $20USD).

This whole pricing situation stinks and has completly ruined a game I was really looking forward to. While I'm sure the eventually I will cave and get it, I am really tuned off picking it up and giving it a go right now.

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