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Default What are good Wii party games that work with only 2 wii-motes?

I have a Wii and two wii-motes with nunchuks, but I have more than 2 people who'd like to play. Aside from WarioWare, what are some other Wii party games that would work for a group, but only two wii-motes?
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Most of the Wii mini game titles can be played by only two players. Maybe have two knockout rounds then have the winners play each other

Overview | Wii Party
Carnival Games at Nintendo :: Games
WarioWare: Smooth Moves at Nintendo :: Games
Oops! Prank Party at Nintendo :: Games

Actually this page has all the Wii party games, just check 'party' under Genre on the left hand side and it will bring up a list of all the party games
Browse All Games at Nintendo :: Games

Have fun!!

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My wife likes to play Cooking Mama with her sister when they get together. It is limited to only 2 players, I believe, and while it is very confusing (I can't figure out what she's saying at all), it can be entertaining. Not really sure I would consider it a "party game" though.

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New Super Mario Bros WII and Super Smash Bros Brawl are great co-op titles in my eyes, my friend brought them up when he visited and we had a blast. Best Wii Games hands down.

New Super Mario Bros WII plays like Mario 3 and Mario World back on the SNES, and Super Smash Bros Brawl plays like a side scrolling beat em up // platformer title. But it also has a 2v2 fighting mode as well as the beat em up // platformer story campaign, so if it gets bored, you can also square off head to head. But due note, if you want to unlock all the hidden characters, play the story mode first, you will unlock most on your first play through, if you look online for the secrets, you will unlock them all.
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MarioKart is great
Supermario smash brothers brawl

Plus there are a couple you can download through the wii channel as well.
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