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Default Marvel VS Capcom 3?

Was playing Marvel Vs Capcom 2 earlier on the XBL Arcade game, felt refreshing playing it again since the last time on the Dreamcast system, was wondering if the new one plays like the old one, but with 3Dish graphics and more characters, or does it feel like a entirely new game as far as fighting style, fighting speed, and reflex. I want to get it, but I also don't wanna encounter another street fighter 4 where I feel the game is unbalanced and poorly designed. (Either that or I just seriously sucked at it or the name of the game was perform Cheese every 30 seconds)
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I'm not a MvC expert by any stretch but I have both and I think they are pretty similar. The most notable change is the button configuration where now it is just light, medium, heavy attacks and special which lauches to start an air combo. I don't think it has lost anything in the new version and find it alot better actually, but I do see alot of hardcore players of MvC2 saying that they feel it has been dumbed down.
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