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Thumbs up Beyond Good & Evil HD

Beyond Good & Evil, the award-winning action-adventure game is back! This time play through this innovative thriller in full high-definition graphics. Play as Jade, a young investigative reporter, and expose a terrible government conspiracy. It is up to you and your loyal pig friend Pey'j to save your planet and its inhabitants.

It's a Zelda-ish adventure set in an awesome sci-fi world, and known as one of the best games ever made that no one ever played.

If you were one of the millions who missed this 2003 gem, it's available with snazzied up graphics on the XBLA marketplace for 800 points.

Beyond Good & Evil HD - Xbox.com
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I picked this one up. It is dated, but still fun and well worth the 800 points IMHO.
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I won't buy it as I still have my PC version which is already HD :P

Wish they'd hurry up with the sequel though, those teasers got me so excited I had to take a cold shower.
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