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Default Test Drive Unlimited 2

Well, considering some of the reviews for the game I heard, people said this game sucked, but damn were they ever wrong, outside of the discovery feature for unlocking new things, like the ability to tune your car, this has got to be one of my favorite racing games I ever played. Even better, I was able to start using my all time favorite car right off the start, the Lotus Esprit, and I am so glad I chose it, with its top speed, i was able to win every time, its acceleration is a bit slow though, so take it into effect on how you play. There was this one race, where this main character racer inside a pink Ford Mustang Fastback blows past me at the very start, I thought I couldn't catch her, and then, just before the first checkpoint during the long straight away, I start catching up, and then BAM, I blow past her as if I wasn't even trying and am able to stay in first for the entire rest of the race.

The main thing a lot of you are going to need to learn quick, is this isn't a arcade style racer, this feels a lot harder to keep in control, and there is NO riding the "wall" or throwing other cars off the track, or at least not that easily, you need to learn how your car feels, and runs, and then learn to slow down just enough to make a turn, and yet still attempt to keep as much of your speed as possible for when you flip the turn, and don't, if at all possible, hit off the road, especially on grass, its like applying extra breaks, (though i used it as a advantage a few times lol)

The only downside, or so far anyway, is the selection of cars seems a bit on the light side. It might just be cause I dont have enough "exploration" points yet that allows me to unlock more, but so far the only two cars i own are the Hummer, and the Esprit, which I wont argue, as I like them both, but I wouldn't mine seeing a Shelby Cobra, Dodge Charger, and a Pontiac Firebird, or Trans-AM, I mean seriously, I wanna pull a smokey and the bandit lol.

Another downside, is the character animations, voice acting, and.....the music, are just horrible, but that is almost insignificant as its a Racing game, we shouldn't care about that stuff, as long as the driving and environment rocks.

There is a lot of side stuff to do, like you can hunt down wrecks of VW Bugs (Just Google it if you dont feel like exploring for months) to unlock a fully repaired one. Not sure what else there is, as I am only about 4 to 8 hours into the game, granted I spent a lot of time just learning how to drive again since the last racing game I played.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I might be able to answer them.

Oh yea, if your online in it, be-careful, some people just LOVE to ram you in free ride......granted, I am not immune to the urge either lol....

Have fun, safe driving!!!
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