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Default Help me choose!!

My last PSN welcome back game.

I got Infamous first, as I have wanted that game for a very long time.

Now I am trying to decide between: Littlebigplanet, Wipeout, and Dead Nation.

Any input or experiences?
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Depends on your playing style my friend.

Littlebigplanet - Had a big following when it first came out. It has puzzles to solve and items to collect. Levels made by other people you can download and play which might extend the experience. One and Two player levels to solve.

Wipeout HD Fury - Shooter. Rotate around a world and destory stuff. Repetative same old stuff. Unless someone else has another opinion.

Dead Nation - FPS which I have not played before. What can you say about FPS but go out and shoot stuff.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks Ancient!

I believe Dead Nation is a top down shooter, which is probably quite a different experience than the typical FPS, but I could be wrong. It got OK reviews.

I believe you may be referencing another game on the list, Super Stardust HD. Wipeout is a racer I believe.

I think I am leaning towards Wipeout unless I hear more about Dead Nation.

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LBP is lots of fun, and if you like creating stuff, then I'd suggest that. It's certainly the game with the most content / playability.

Wipeout is not merely a racer, but one of the best racers available on any platform. If you've played Blur, then this is what Blur copies. The soundtrack is awesome too.

Dead Nation is indeed a top down shooter, and is meant to be fun, but I'm not convinced it's worth the free download compared to the other games.

No interest at all in Ratchet and Clank?
It's the one I'm downloading after Infamous (I already own LBP and Wipeout
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Yes, Wipeout is a futuristic racer, with weapons. Awesome game. Very fast.

Little Big Planet - you really have to be into side scrolling games to enjoy this one I think. Personally I love the LBP games. They should have given away LBP2 though.
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I'm grabbing Infamous and Ratchet, but already have LBP and Wipeout.
Dead Nation is definitely the worst of the lot.
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I don't have the Ratchet option! Is that a PSP game? My choices are shown to be Infamous, Wipeout, Superstarwhatever, Little big planet, and Dead Nation.

What am I missing?
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I would go with Dead Nation to, you cant beat a good zombie game and its a nice game. I actually bought it so i already had it. I have also bought superstar dust as its a blast from the past for me.
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Games choice differed by region if i recall correct.

I would go with Wipeout but that is because i own 2 copies of LBP already and i hate it (both copies were free so im not totally mad).

If you get one and do not like it one could always buy the other as they are cheap as chips now
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