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Default A Batman Shooter ... "Wait, What?!?"

While I have to admit this picture does make me giggle and does tempt me to at least try a game that has a Scottish Samurai as a character; I have to agree with this article.

While Batman himself is not in the game, one big thing about this character is his non use of guns. By brains and training you can over come anything, you don't need a gun. (Although it does help to have a Kryptonian friend )

So ... who here would play this game (assuming it is a good game to play) or do you think this is just leveraging a license for money?

Too Many Batmen Might Dilute The Batman Franchise - Joystick Division
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What? It sounds like it's a little bit of "milking" and IP to me, but given it's not really THE Batman makes it a little easier to swallow. Who knows, maybe it could be quirky and fun.
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To me it looks like TF2 crossed with Batman. Could be good if it has some degree of customisation involved but I'm not holding my breath.
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