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Default Final Fantasy XIV Still coming to PS3

For us final fantasy fans who were looking forward to playing the new final fantasy mmo on the ps3. Hope is not lost .

Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Version Coming “At All Costs”. New Interview to Naoki Yoshida Published. DualShockers

I'm excited to hear that they will get it out for PS3 as they put it " At All Costs"
While I am playing dcuo and I like the game . I'm a bigger final fantasy fan then dc and I hope that final fantasy will replace my dcuo .

I miss playing a good hack and slash mmo and I miss playing the ff series.
Anyways I know I may be jumping the gun, but who here would like to get a guild going once it's released .
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If it is anything like the other one then i will pass.

It is my feeling they should just concentrate on the single player games.
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Seems like such a bad idea. Unless they make it free to play with microtransactions and such it'll be a huge waste of money for them.
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I'll admit I didn't play their pc launch simply because I didnt have a powerful enough computer . I did hear a lot of problems and how how much of their playerbase was extremely disappointed .

But from what i heave heard they are trying to make the game better and heck they even given huge amounts of free play time till the are satisfied that the population and themselves are satisifed with the level of play , features and content etc etc.

I'm not gonna judge FFXIV because I never played it before and even then if I found a lot of issues i wouldidnt judge it because it doesn't help the game or company nor make improvements.

I was just hopeing that some toggers were willing to look past the issues that the game has , because every mmo isnt perfect nor is every game ever perfect. But no worries I'm sure I can find a non togger guild .
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It was sure a disapointment merwood, i never got past the beta on the pc, and i think the tog presence for the pc is dead apart from a few players now. I love the FF series and it was a shame to see such a game with massive potential turn out to be a dud but i guess it happens.
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Finalfantasy XIV is lower in quality then some F2P MMO, it even has less content.
Let me rephrase that it has no content, its an old school Asian bored to death grinder

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