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Xavien 15th January 2012 05:42 AM

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo
.....has arrived last wednesday. If like me you dont spend alot of time on the playstation store since sony's little problem you may have missed it.

Im happy to say im pretty impressed with the changes they have made to the game over the last one. You cant really tell if you get a little more sand box exploring in this one although there are now towns to explore at least.

Alot is more of the same of course as the last one but the paradigm system worked quite well for me so im happy that they have kept that the same.

Bawheidbob 15th January 2012 10:01 AM

As much as i want to be hyped for this i think i am going to give it a miss. Not enjoyed a FF game since IX.

XIII crushed my spirit more than the Aeris incident.

Xavien 16th January 2012 06:02 AM

I admit the rail roading in XIII was a major disapointment, it felt like i didnt have any choice at all in what i was doing until the end of the game at least. Story was great though and i loved the characters. As for Aeris not everything has a happy ending :)

At least they seem to have addressed alot of issues, it feels a little more like the old final fantasies. Ive always loved the combat in these games and it seems like no one makes games like that anymore.

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