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Ancient_One 16th March 2012 06:29 AM

StarHawk Beta Fun Moments
Tag your it:

There I was minding my own business running around a vast desert map when BAM........road kill. I mean it wasn't like he could have just driven by and said hello or taken a wide birth and waved from afar. Nooooooooo.........he approached stealthily on my 6 in a supped up dune buggy with the full intent of making me his hood ornament.

Well played Sir Cadder.........first blood to you. I see a 32 v 32 map is not big enough to avoid your reckless driving. For the record he was on the enemy side.

Dela Fett 16th March 2012 05:47 PM

LoL nice
Im keen for a session or two over the weekend if you lads are keen
Cadder hunting any one:p

Cadder 16th March 2012 08:10 PM


Being truthfully honest, A1, I didn't know it was you. Then I saw your name pop up as being the recently-flattened.
And I laughed out loud. Literally.
Welcome to the clan :D

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