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Thumbs up Journey

So my PC died (long story) and to try to cheer myself up I got myself a game that I had heard good things about called Journey. It's by thatgamecompany who also did Flower and flOw.

Seriously, if you appreciate games as art, do yourself a favor and get this game.

It's beautiful. It isn't terribly long (maybe 4-5 hours) but I've found it very replayable if you're a trophy-monger or just like to explore and appreciate the art of the game.

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I bought it a while back and love it. Truly unique experience and I don't think I can remember the last time a game made me feel that good.

It's bizarre but having such a basic way of communicating with other players feels like it actually enhances the bond between the two of you. Maybe because unlike most online games you're not listening to someone yell "faggot" every 5 seconds

Got my white coat shortly after my first playthrough and have been helping the newbies out regularly since, so even though it is pricey for such a short playthrough it is very replayable and a great way to unwind.
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Great game.

I like the way they've done multiplayer too - very clever.
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