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Ancient_One 26th May 2012 12:46 AM

Starhawk - Anyone Playing
After the Starhawk beta I sort of lost track of the release date. Now I see it's out. I havent bought it but was wondering if anyone is playing it.

I have mixed feeling about it.

Big world (maps) with little to no players. Ie 15 in each team.

Not enough resources to sustain your gaming interest. Ie. limited number of buildings per team.

People destroying your buildings so they can build their own or just for the fun of it. Ie. Frustrating.

Timer on vehicle creation. Ie. to much waiting.

Cadder 2nd July 2012 06:20 PM

After not playing it since the beta ended, (and not buying it on release) I got this today (Birthday present) and just about worked my way thru the single player campaign in an afternoon.
I Played a couple of games of multiplayer and went from lvl 1->3 in the second outing :twisted:

I wondered if the clan that I created was still active from the Beta, but it apparently wasn't... even though when I tried to *recreate* it, "TOG" was already taken as a clan tag.

Anyone else TOG actually *playing* this?

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