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Default New Gears of Wars Game

I saw in the new game informer. That they are making a new Gears Game that takes place just after E-Day. Where we follow Kilo Squad (Baird and Cole).
Marcus will not be in this game as far as i can see. What do you think. I love the Gears games I like Cole but having play some prequels i am not sure about this game. The Prequels are never as good as the others. with that said I will still buy it to add to my gears collection.
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I had heard rumors a while ago that they were going to make some prequels, the Pendulum Wars, or some jazz.

In my opinion I don't see myself playing it unless it becomes an entity to itself because I have totally bonded the idea of GOW with Marcus Fenix. I like Cole and Baird but I think if it was only Cole and Baird I wouldn't have bonded with the characters of the game as much. I would hate to see another GOW without Baird and Cole, but I don't want to see one with only Baird and Cole either.

I can appreciate showing players where the locust stuggle came from and allowing them to be apart of it, but I felt more than affiliated enough with the GOW flashbacks.

Plus, I get this horrible awful sick feeling in my stomach when I recall other saga's that attempted prequels like the vomitous Halo : ODST. Now I loves me some Nathan Fillion but he is no Captain Malcolm Reynolds in ODST.

No one likes it when they build up an affinity for a character and the series ends. However, even worse than ending that series is having a prequel or a money maker come in and ruin your affinity for the game all together. It's like a fine relationship...sometimes you gotta get out before you can't stand the sight of them. After that point, there just is no salvaging your feelings. I would rather be left wanting more.
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