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Default Borderlands 2 anyone?

Looking for people to team up with when the game drops next week, Man I can't wait!!! Send me a friend request, my Gamertag is jaws0fdeath, with a zero instead of an o
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I will be playing it with a friend of mine we are -7 GMT
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Hit me up! I am on Eastern Time, and will usually be on in the evenings. My gamertag is Ratche24.
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I could differently use some vault hunting buddies add me! GamerTag: demonictwilight
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Mine is lowerdogma let me know I need some minion meat shields
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I'll be playing this 4 sure!! GamerTag: xMeOnFirEx
Any Aussies laying this?
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Hey all, it's been awhile since I been online and posted here. My gamertag on 360 is: "WebRat44" add me if your close to the GMT-6 zone. I play it off and on atm, True Vault Hunter mode only. Been playing more MOH: WarFighter and HALO 4 when it comes out this week.

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add me West coast USA,xbox gamertag gabe rabidus looking forward to it!!!
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i just got this game 2 days ago..

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