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GiantDave7 23rd October 2012 11:31 AM

Forza Horizon
Anyone else picking up Forza Horizon today? Always looking to add more competition to my rivals list. :)

EvilD 23rd October 2012 10:41 PM

Mines orderd wont be here till release date of Friday 26th in UK ;( but ill be up for soem speed camera adn score rivalry :D

RaindancerAU 26th October 2012 02:44 PM

Hi! I'm new to TOG but a long time GT and Forza addict. Loving Horizon, would be happy to have a few new Horizon friends / rivals:

RaindancerAU on Xbox Live - please add me.

hastarin 28th October 2012 02:56 PM

I created a Car Club we can join. TOGR is the tag since TOG, T0G, TOGs, and many more were taken.

I've sent invites to folks except GiantDave7 since I'm unsure of your XBox gamertag but you should be able to request to join in game.

First invite went to EvilD which if accepted will make him the Co-Leader whatever that entails. I figured since he's in a different timezone if we have to accept invites and the like it would be best. Here is hoping we get a few folks signing up to get some friendly rivalry going. :)

I've shared a few cars in the garage in case that helps anyone out.

RaindancerAU 29th October 2012 10:12 AM

Looks like I was first to accept the invite so I'm a co-leader or something :) I think you can have 3 co-leaders though or officers as it were. I'm happy to transfer it over if need be.

I've shared some cars as well. I actually finished the campaign loop on Saturday and spent Sunday tidying up all the races I had not done. The only thing I have not completed are the Skill based PR Challenges on the outposts, I've completed one but I do find it difficult to score high chained skill combos too consistently. I've pulled a few out but they tend to be very situational.

I've earnt a fair bit of money, have 100% discounts and have a fairly large stable of cars including some expensive ones. I've shared an Aventador J, Sesto Elemento, 250 California, MC12 Versione Corse and 599XX so far, but if anybody would like to trial a car just let me know and I can share it maybe (if I have it). I can also modify it to whatever spec since I have the 100% discount.

Anyway, much like say, Diablo, the game is only getting started once you've finished the campaign. I can now dedicate time to playing with the cars themselves and just driving around trying things. If you have a good sound system for instance, there is a tunnel underneath the dam that has never had traffic every time I head down ;) Wow! I have to drive through in cockpit view, bonnet view and behind the car view it sounds so good.

Yeah, I've spent way too much time in Horizon since I picked it up (neglected Planetside 2 this weekend! :shock:) but this is the game I've been wanting since Gran Turismo. It's not perfect but I'll accept its flaws and just hope that Horizon does well enough for a sequel of Gran Turismo 2 or Forza Motorsports 4 scale and caliber. Having a brilliant time as it is and can't wait for some more DLC.

I'm keen to try some of the Co-op stuff too - should we jump on TeamSpeak and give it a go some time?

hastarin 29th October 2012 12:15 PM

I noticed the extra Co-Leader slots. Given it's only two of us so far I don't see it being an issue. :p

I only got the game Saturday evening so I've got plenty to go yet. Certainly enjoying it though and now have two people for Rivals which is a great feature and added challenge. I had someone ask to add me as a friend after seeing my car design in case I do more. A happy consequence given I honestly didn't think anyone would see it let alone download it. :)

I'm only up to the Blue Wristband and still getting back into a racer as it's been a while. I'm still on Medium difficulty for the AI and can't see myself switching that up any time soon. I'm making heavy use of Rewind but have the controls as assist free as I'm willing to risk on a controller. Ie Normal steering and no clutch with braking line on still to save using Rewind more often. :p

I know what you mean about the skill challenges. I've done 3 out of 4 I tried but that 4th one I just had to give up as I was nowhere near getting it any time soon. The trick seems to be chaining the skills together for a big multiplier even if it means hitting signposts to do it and ends up involving luck with getting the correct traffic for those near miss bonuses in the correct spots. It's the hardest part of the game so far given you can't just tweak the difficulty for it.

I'm not quite ready for co-op yet, but I might be by the weekend. Switching my headset back to the 360 and just using XBox Live for chat might be easier than bridging 360 and PC for Teamspeak, though I can do that since the chat audio is separate to game audio on my headset.

It would be nice to get more folks joining us but I guess a lot of people don't realize TOG have folks playing everything under the sun including racers. :(

RaindancerAU 29th October 2012 02:57 PM

Cool - I don't have graphic design type skills - I normally just paint the car a colour I like and leave it at that :D

I've been playing driving games pretty consistently since the original Gran Turismo. I can't stand the ones that are too arcadey, so I never got into the likes of Project Gotham or any of the NFS series, Burnout, Driver, Dirt, Grid etc. It's mainly been Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsports with the occasional flirt with Midnight Club and Tokyo Extreme Racer. So happy that Horizon turned out to be a happy middle ground between FM and the latter two games there.

In FM, I have no assists on, simulation damage and steering, no rewind, no clutch (I think it is pointless on a controller) and only the braking line. In FH I have the full driving line on most of the time because I sometimes have trouble seeing turnoffs in cockpit view, which is my preferred viewpoint. Also, if it is a longer race and I couldn't be bothered re-doing it cos I really want the money, I'll turn rewind on.

Highest skill chain so far is about 27k - did it at high speed on the Freeway in the V8 RUF (whatever it is called - can't remember) and I wasn't even intending to. I think I was in fact going for a speed run :lol:

IRL my car ownership history has included an R33 Skyline GTS25t which I had for 7 years before it was stolen and stripped . Great car to learn to drift in, perhaps a steeper learning curve than ideal due to all the power and the fact that it was not a lightweight (not exactly heavy though). I spent a few years with a pedestrian luxo barge before buying my current 2011 Renault Sport Megane RS250 Cup Trophee (phew what a mouthful) in January and I'm still head over heels in love with it. I actually use a part of it as my avatar :)

I've done track days, mainly Wakefield Park in Goulburn and am very partial to hitting up twisty bits of road like the Old Pacific Highway, Royal National Park, Putty Road, Bells Line of Road, Bylong Valley Way, the Alpine Way etc.

Here's me and the 250 getting to know each other about a month after I got it. I have two passengers with me and you can hear the genuine gasps of astonishment at the cornering prowess of the 250, but you might need to turn it up a bit - the microphone on the camera was not great - it's worth it for the engine noise though:

hastarin 30th October 2012 01:39 AM

lol I'm a programmer and never thought of myself as having graphic design type skills. I just had some fun with decals, etc :)

Hmm, no rewind. There is no way I'd beat some of your rival times without that, at least not without a LOT of practice!

Sadly my "spare" cash goes into gaming and my home theater setup. I'd have loved to drive something nice IRL but have to confine my antics to the safety of the digital domain. Maybe I'll have midlife crisis soon and buy something nice. :)

Nice car though!

I'm not sure what my best skill chain would be. I'd assume it would have been for one of the PR stunts. After numerous attempts I've had one or two that I've just got lucky and totally smashed them. It's a pity the site doesn't show you stats like that.

EDIT: It's 34,800 apparently in a Mercedes something so must have been a PR Stunt.

RaindancerAU 30th October 2012 09:16 AM

Admittedly, I used rewind last night to beat a couple of your rival times :lol: I didn't realise it until I accidentally mashed it when fumbling the controller to answer my phone. I had enabled it in freeroam so I could watch some replays and then I thought "screw it, why not?" :lol: Turn rewind off when you want to make a lot of money, if you need to practice certain corners until you get them right, rewind is awesome.

The reason I described my automotive history was to make it clear that I'm a seasoned veteran and if you're just getting back into driving games to not be discouraged :) Some of your times have already been tough to beat :) I'm a part of a Renault forum and the guys on there are proper hardcore. There is one dude who is regularly in the top 100 on FM4 rivals :shock: Having a hard time convincing anyone over there to join in on Horizon for some reason (not having any Renaults in the game does not help). Odd because I've been on dawn drives through mountains roads with those guys, so I thought this would resonate with a lot of them :confused:

I added GiantDave7 to friends, he is already in a car club but if you have him as a friend, you can just turn to the "Friends and Club" filter - we just cannot share cars.

Yeah the 250 is probably a mid-life crisis car .... then again, most of the cars I have owned have been sports cars of some description /shrug.

Awesome work on the skill chain - I wonder if you can help me with my PR stunts :)

hastarin 30th October 2012 11:01 AM

I haven't paid attention to what sort of bonus having rewind off nets you. I haven't, as yet, found credits to be an issue unless I wanted to splurge and buy cars I don't need to progress. I guess once I want to collect a few it might be.

Cool. Some of the reviews make it sound like the FM4 engine hasn't made it intact into Horizon. I haven't actually played FM4 so I couldn't comment on that, but I'd guess that would discourage some of the more hardcore, though judging by the world rivals list there are still plenty of them playing.

Yeah I have him on my friends list now too. :)

I didn't mean the mid life crisis thing as a dig. If I could afford it I would have owned something like that since my teens. If I'd had real money I'd have got into rallying as I had a family friend that did it when I was younger.

I think I'm down to 2 or 3 PR stunts to go so I'm doing OK but some are seriously tough. The main tip is don't feel you have to stick to the prescribed route, and you HAVE to chain. In some cases that's meant exploring to find something I can get Sideswipe and Landscaping bonuses on then combining those with Ultimate Wreckage/Burnout for huge combos. In others it's meant Near Misses, Speed, Drift, etc bonuses followed by a Huge 180 and more of the same.

The easiest way to extend a chain is often wreckage (ie clip the odd sign post at the side of the road) or in some cars just going as fast as you can and as close as you can to everything in sight. Good luck!

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