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maybehere 28th November 2012 11:52 AM

Thoughts on Halo 4
Ok, so a new developer made this game I suppose. Which, is good because Halo 3 which I was sooo excited to get, had worse graphics and texture than Halo 2. It became very evident that the makers were just milking it. It even ended the exact same way.

I do like Halo 4, but I wasn't quite as excited for this one because of all the other Halo related disappointments. It's a really fun game and it reminds me of why I liked Halo in the first place but I do have my own gripe.

I find it very tedious that supposedly Master Chief is basically lost in space, gods only know where in space they are, and he and Cortana get sucked up by a much more maneuverable Death Star. Why in the hell is all the architecture identical to all the old Halo architecture? I guess all species have a severe talent of getting in sync with all the aliens and beings in the universe and all use an identical building scheme. That’s my gripe.

That and I am tired of my husband killing me. I was playing with Lurch the other day and I was piloting my little Banshee and flew up to just in front of the door we needed to go into. I exit the Banshee and start looking around for Lurch then all of a sudden I’m knocked off the ledge I parked on. I was thinking that I got sniped or something until I realized it was actually Lurch who landed his freaking Banshee on my character.

He also has a habit of walking his character directly in my line of fire. I keep trying to remind him that friendly fire is indeed on. He also tends to forget to tell me that he’s dead so I can stop fighting and move to a safe location so he can re-spawn. The last time he neglected to tell me he was dead he decided to sit back and observe what he has lovingly dubbed as “my battle lust” because I was meleeing every alien I came across and apparently it amused him.

I think I might have ran over him with a Scorpion, but it’s so fun just annihilating everything in sight. I really can’t tell you how many times now I have had a friendly grenade thrown under my character, or how many times and types of vehicles have run over me. My partner is apparently my own worst enemy. It’s still a blast and I almost look forward to seeing how we end up killing each other.

It’s the little things in life you cherish.

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