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Default Game advice/recommendations


long-time PC gamer, first-time XBOX 360 owner.

Just pretend I've just dropped in from another planet and have never once played any XBOX games ever.


OK, I was born here but the rest is true

I'm a BIG FPS fan on the PC but I also have two primary school-aged kids.

Bought a 250GB Kinect bundle for a ridiculous price today and was after some advice on what console-specific titles rock.

I've heard Gears of War is good but apart from that...

Thanks in advance,
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Halo. Just saying.
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I love Battlefield 3 although I'm rubbish at it.
I've just found the Co-op games and really getting in to that.
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Thanks guys, trying to get my hands around a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse is pretty funny to watch. So my 10 year-old son tells me anyway

The Kinect is extremely cool too, very clever piece of hardware.
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For the Kinect - Child of Eden. The ONLY game I've ever given a perfect score to in 10 years of reviewing games.

Any of the Rock Band / Guitar Hero games are GREAT fun for kids. Same with the Lego games.

Saints Row series is awesome, as is GTA IV, but definitely not for kids.

As to FPS I really enjoy COD:BOII and BF3 online, even if you have to mute everyone. Far Cry III is a lot of fun too (although I've not played that online).
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Mark of the Ninja, Shadow Complex, Lara Croft Guardian of the Light, Trials Evolution
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