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I think I still have my original Xbox. Bought at launch.
It has survived several trips on different fishing boats, and moved houses 8 times. Also been sent in the post twice.

Still works as good as the day I bought it.
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Sorry me too But my Brother in-law is on his 4th PS3 but to be fair I am on my 1st PS3 as well, but the slim version. and If you play more than 4 hrs. per day geez get a wife or a dog or something,

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i played the shit out of it, i used to doo 8hr striaght stretches of halo, even spilled beer on my halo2 disc shook it off and stuck it back in, np's lol /, left it on over night, fell aslepp watching a movie left it on over a day forgot to turn it off before work (auto sleep disabled) could anme many many more instances of chances to thrash it, and it still works, maybe i just got a miracle 1in 10,000 random good ones lol

maybe regular dusting and good ventalation help it or something
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I still have my original 20 gig ps3, imported from HK. Bought it as a BD player as well as a gaming system.

Nowadays I only use it to watch live tennis and cricket. Wimbledons coming up, hope it still works.
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I have one of each, I got my xbox360 on release and used it for a while then forgot about it, I used it a year later and got RROD, I removed the HDD and that fixed it I replace the HDD and had no problems after that, I ended up selling it and upgrading to the current version of the xbox360.

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