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Default Beyond Two Souls

I just played Beyond for the first 2 hours with fairly mixed feelings about it, I did not like nor did I finish Heavy Rain, I found the HEAVY use of QTE's so annoying and I found the game and setting way too depressing to enjoy playing. They seem to have trimmed those QTE's back quite a bit in Beyond which was a welcome change for me. I felt more like I was playing the game in some way as opposed to doing such boring unneeded things such as brushing teeth or having to mash 5 buttons just to turn a page in a book. The story and the setting felt much more interesting this time too, I really didn't like how much it jumps around from times/stories though. I feel like the game was constantly shooting itself in the foot. I would really get into a scene with some action really enjoy playing it out and wanting to find out what happens next. But then the screen goes black and im transitioned back my frigging childhood where im stuck playing with kids toys again, not 2 minutes ago I was possessing people and blowing up helicopters, now im being interviewed by William Dafoe as a 10 year old talking about my invisible friend. It felt dis-jointed, scenes don't go for long enough and that was frustrating, the game would have benefited from simply starting young (the beginning) then playing through naturally until the end.
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