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Post Who will be playing ESO on PS4?

Hi guys

Just wondering who's intending to play ESO on PS4
I want to try a proper mmorpg on ps4 for a change. ESO with its control system should be more playstation friendly.

This is not the post you're looking for.....move along.....move along....
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I was considering it, but then I got a nice long HDMI cable to hook my PC up to my TV, and a nice Razer Sabertooth controller. I'll stick with PC for that. However, I do want to try out The Division, and I may just get that for the PS4.
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My main problem is keeping up with a Sub. I have Realm reborn on PS3 played hard for 2months but now havent played it because of my Sub. I probably wont play it again either as new games come out.
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