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In game chat, messaging people outside of the game, web surfing and online text entry.

Some people have installed an additional operating system namely a linux based one and are using their PS3's like computers. All rounder.
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Ok thanks ill see how much ingame chat i use, suppose it will just be another gadget to have also
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You will need in game chat to really enjoy multiplayer.

No big expense required here, just get a decent PC headset. That keypad makes a big difference though for messaging ... I must pick one up today!
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Grabbed one a couple days ago... and it just clips onto the gamepad. It has its own power switch so you can turn it off when not needed & a button you can press that makes it act in a way similiar to the touchpad on any modern notebook pc. It doesnt block the R1/2 or L1/2 buttons either. Typing with it is a hell of a lot easier then the old gamepad method.

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@Bloodwrych spot on with that, 100%.

The keypad is an extremely cool thing to have for PS3 users, especially if you want to msg someone from your list - it takes ages with the system's on-screen-keyboard whereas this one by Sony is a pure magic. Picked one up last weekend, very good purchase.
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I had a look at these yesterday, I was surprised to see how little they are
Might pick one up after chrissy

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I've decided to get rid of my unit purchased few weeks ago. Anyone for it? $50 AUD + postage. No problems with it its just... I am not using it as often as I thought I would.

Let me know ASAP please.


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