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Question Call me a NOOB

Call me a noob if you want, but how the hell do you get headphones and mic to work on the ps3. I can hear people talking blasting my ear drums but the sound is still going to the speakers. I tried with a set of micro$oft voice chat 3000 something headphones. Please don't tell I have to go and buy something else please. I don't think the wife will believe me.

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NOOB Sorry just had to.

I'm not much help mate my son and I use the bluetooth earphones provided with WarHawk. Works fine.

Hopefully someone can come along and give you a better assist.
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You only get voice, I was surprised at that aswell. If you want the game music you have to plug the headphones in the TV.
You can turn down the incoming voice volume by doing this - Go to Settings - Accessory Settings - Audio Device Settings. You turn it down in there from memory

Hope this helps

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