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Default Modded consoles getting banned

If you have a modded console, might want to think twice about logging into Live.

Major Nelson has posted on his blog that they have started banning consoles that they detect have been modded.

Xbox 360 Console banning - Xbox Lives Major Nelson

Not sure how they detect them but there it is.
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I don't think you should get banned for a moded console as there are some legitimate reasons to do it. (Such as playing imported games not available in your home country.)

I do on the other hand believe they should get band for using pirated software (People were playing pirated copies of Gears 2 weeks before the release date).

You mod your console you take the risk. LOL I am too afraid of the red rings of death to mod my consoles even to play the titles I can't get here (/Cry I want to play NCAA). I sleep better at night knowing I have the warranty

If they just did what Sony did and region free the games I would have no issue with banning moded consoles.
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Most 360 games are region free as it is up to the publisher to put region locks into the game so you might be able to get NCAA on the 360.
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I think you will find the mods these days (moreso the ones that dont require a drive swap) are pretty much stealth.
Those that get banned, get banned for doing something that makes them stand out.
Usually this is either playing a game before its released in your region, or getting achievements for said games etc. If you are only playing games that you SHOULD be able to play as far as them being available where your console is registered as being, theres not that much to fear.
But it would seem M$ have scared the bejesus out of a lot of people

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