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Default Is there a mouse in the house

being an PC convert I have some difficuties playing FPS on the console the controls for movement and look just screw me up. I have seen that Unreal Tournament 3 has (or will have keyboard nd mouse support)
I have also checked out the availability of this (Linky) reviews saythis is better than the controller.
I am know unsure as where to head. I have seen the new keypad for the controller and the question is which path too follow
Will Sony integrate the keyboard and mouse?
SHould I bother....
What do you guys think?

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Looks to me like that unit is purely for FPS. So I would think an integrated keyboard is not on the cards as any chat would be done via headset. I'm not the greatest player as it is at FPS, so that controller could entice me to get UT3 for the PS3 also.
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I was sure I had seen a discussion on this product before, and I found it

It lives in the console archives:
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Originally Posted by Milt View Post
SHould I bother....
What do you guys think?
Milt, in the thread PM posted, is my mini-review:
If you're interested in having a play, I'm happy to part with it.Make me an offer
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