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Cadder 6th December 2008 04:00 AM

PS3 Model differences and compatibility guide
I've seen a couple of people ask similar questions recently, as to what versions of the Sony Playstation 3 are "backward compatible" and which are not.
I found this guide (courtesy of the ubiquitous Wikipedia) which may help:

(Edit: I tried to cut/paste or recreate a table, but I couldn't do it on this forum, so here's a link: )
PlayStation 3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you want to know what model numbers to look for in your region, use this:

Also, I found this handy quick-ref Venn diagram:

Hope this helps.
(Maybe a Mod can sticky this for future ref?)

Pure Mongrel 6th December 2008 10:58 AM

Excellent post mate. Thanks for the info. +1 :)

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