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Was in my account. And yeah I think you're right, having a kids one would just open it up to the weirdos. I like the Toontown setup for the kids. You have to actually be able to communicate with someone outside of the game in order to activate controls for in-game communication. So if you cant contact someone by email, in person etc, you cant use any more than basic "Hi", "Bye" commands.
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It doesn't sound like a very nice environment for women at all.

Will have to see how things pan out over the coming months.

At this stage my daughter is not showing much interest thank god.
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Originally Posted by X4 View Post
I feel sorry for the females in there. My daughter saw me with a "dude", and of course she had to make her own girl. I let her. Then we took her out. And O...M...F...G... Swarmed by loads of blokes trying to chat her up. They just would not stop following her around. These guys were trying to claim territory! Recieved masses of friend invites in the process. One bloke in particular was telling others to piss off and get the hell away. Didn't come through too clearly so she didn't understand it. She asked to get on again, so I just said I don't have Home anymore.
same thing happend to me.. one guy even asked me to marry him.. ended up quitting.

for some reason tho... i cant get the extra options (adding and accepting requests etc) unless i go in to "home" once ive left home, i get the other options.....
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