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Originally Posted by Zaxvien View Post
Could they sell vacuum cleaner bags for a 360?

Now why didn't Microsoft think of that one.

Originally Posted by Mecha-Wombat View Post
Btw on a different tangent was at a friends house who had a blu-ray and he brought a Blu-ray movie that was worst than his DVD copy (WTH)

Was he running on HDMI cable and 1080P TV, I think then you would see a difference maybe?
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Wombat, maybe your friend didn't have a t.v. that was capable of pumping out the 1080p of power?
I have got all 3 consoles, and before anyone goes jumping to conclusions I work shift work and have no other life.
I like the Wii for the party factor, the 360 has got a great number of games but then the PS3 is starting to get a bit of a list behind them and with even more dedicated games coming out this year shouldn't hurt them.
I did also get the PS3 for the movie factor, I have a projector that is 1080p capable and the picture it produces is stunning, the colours are so much more vibrant and fast action scenes are so much clearer. However, if you just watch a movie that isn't action packed or filled with special effects it makes no difference if it's 1080p or standard dvd as you don't really care how sharp it is.
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I would say the price drop on the 360 is hurting Sony some more. It is speculated that Sony will be reporting a a billion dollar loss right across all of its products and will undergo a major re-structure. I dont know what this will mean for the console users as yet but I watch with interest....I hope I still get to get my play TV...
Microsoft have gor the sales model right.. Sell the machine cheap and then hit all of the online users with a monthly fee to use there service. (please correct me if im wrong on this one)

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To me it was plain and simple. Sony was far to slow in its release and especially with game titles giving M$ too much of a starting lead. A lot of PS2 fans lot patience waiting and got 360 instead.

I was pleased to see the wii bring a different dimension to gaming. Nintendo have give a lot for MS & Sony to think about.
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Well, I found this interview yesterday,
Gamasutra - Processing The Truth: An Interview With David Shippy

"It really wasn't meant to be sensationalized as 'Sony funded the Xbox [360]'.

An interesting interview.
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I would imagine blu-ray would mirror DVD in that fancy tech specs won't make up for a dodgy transfer... and may even make it worse.
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