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Now that brings up a discussion that needs pondering; What is the best / most powerful (hand carried) weapon in a video game?
Mini nuke in Fallout 3?

Shotgun in Doom?

But I think the winner is:

R.Y.N.O. in Ratchet&Clank. Guided missiles, hitting many enemies at the same time, taking them down with one hit, bosses in seconds.
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the faulty PS2 went back to eb games yesterday. they replaced it straight away with a new one.
everything works fine now (much quieter).

replayed 'Black' game for a bit. ....not bad for a 'last gen' fps.
it's not without it faults either, but the enemies in that game are hardcore tuff-nuts, which makes things fun enough to overlook some faults.

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Glad you sorted it out mate.
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