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Default XBOX SUCKS!!!

Well i think i am now a PS3 fanboy after both my 360s decided to get RRoD in the same week. Bloody great job microsoft, and this is the second time for my Elite console
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I not even going to post a smart arse reply about xbox vs PS3

It's just Bull S$^T that microsoft can still be allowed to sell those over priced boat anchors.

Feeling for you mate
I hate when S#!T like that happens

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I loved the last-gen Xbox, but the RROD issue was the main reason I went PS3 this time around. That and Blu-Ray.
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No comment.........well maybe a little one.

Buy a PS3 mate. Move towards the light.
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I have hadto return mine once. Next time will probably convert me too..
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I must be extremely lucky *touch wood*. I've had mine since 8am launch day and hasn't missed a beat. Had a good work out too.

Saying that, I don't think I know one person who hasn't had RRoD or disc tray issues :P
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Don't they fix the RROD for free now? If not, they should. I mean they had a ridiculous failure rate, 37% or thereabouts, which is just obscene in my opinion.
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RRoD has 3 year warranty, my elite is covered so it has been posted back...again, but my launch xbox is not covered so it a being used as a coffee table atm, thinking of sending it away to get fixed and chipped for legal backup of offline games :P

Ancient_One, i already have a PS3, just didnt use it much. But now i look for my games on there first, will only buy games on xbox if i can not get them on PS3 or PC now.
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Originally Posted by click View Post
I not even going to post a smart arse reply about xbox vs PS3
Me either. No, really. I don't have to.

Originally Posted by zero View Post
Saying that, I don't think I know one person who hasn't had RRoD or disc tray issues :P
I'm not necessarily a fanboy, but I am a PS3 owner (and mine gets a bashing nearly every day since my kids discovered Lego games and LBP).
They're not infallable either, my PS3 had to go in for repair with a drive problem after I'd had it about 4 months, and I was without it for a good couple of months.
On the other hand, and putting that into perspective:
  • The PS3 I bought was second hand off eBay in the first place
  • The unit I got back was reconditioned in a brand new case and was in better nick than the one I sent
  • I only know of one other person (a Togger - Genghoidal) who has had trouble with a PS3 - and that was the same issue as mine had. Compare this with the number of people you know of that have had RRODs
  • it's never skipped a beat since (touch wood)
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microsoft is the only co. that ever repaired my console for free (as they should) when i had a problem over a year ago. even tho they fixed it for free, i live in fear that it may die again. exclusive content and lower price don't make up for short lifespan. sony on the other hand refuses to do anything without money. last generation i went thru 4 (2 slim line) ps2 consoles! (one slim line lasted less then a month!) thank God i bought extended service agreements with electronics boutique because sony left me twisting in the wind. i still plan on getting a ps3 in the future. i think it will be around after microsoft drops the 360 for its next console like it did with the original xbox. at least i still have my pc!
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