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Default Download Usage and VidZone

I installed the Vid Zone app for the PS3 last night and the kids love it.
I am curious though as to how much download it will use.

From my understanding they reckon and i got this from Whirlpool that youtube uses around 100- 130Meg per hour. I am wondering if this will be the same for Vidzone

Does anyone have any info about this?

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Could be mate especially if it's an actual stream and not download to the harddrive.

I can't confirm until I start using it as well.

Not sure we will though considering we have Foxtel music channels.

Why pay for Internet and Foxtel as well.
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I remember reading that it streams in 3 different qualities depending on how fast your internet connection is, so the better the quality the more bandwidth it uses. I downloaded this last night and it runs like crap on my 1Mb connection so I don't think my ISP has much to worry about.

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I read a figure stating 11 meg a minute ?
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An average of 100 - 200Mb a video is the best guesses I have read so far.
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we've used the vidzone 2 or 3 times.. does take a bit to buffer, sometimes stops halfway through a song.. alot of the songs i searched for werent there
i didnt go much on it
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