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Exclamation For the love of Dog, back up your PS3!

Even if you are not going to put a new Hard Drive in your PS3, for the love of Dog, please back up your PS3.

I recently backed up one of my PS3's and as an experiment I tried to put that back up on my other PS3. I figured I should have no issue as the accounts on both consoles are the same.


The only thing it transferred across was the save files and user accounts ... no game data. (While you can download games you bought on the PSN on up to 5 consoles, once the data is saved on a PS3, that data will only be accessible by that console).

So I set about reinstalling the games I had purchased from the PSN and get the latest game updates for some of my games.

I started at 7.30pm Saturday night. I finished at 12.55pm Sunday! (Note: I stopped at 1pm Sunday and started again at 7.30am). The games I reinstalled / updated:

From the PSN
  • Battlefield 1943 (twice and both times the installer failed to work, I still don't have this game ... after over 1GB of downloads )
  • Pain (After downloading the game, you than need to up date it with a file bigger than the original game)
  • Echochrome (Update after downloading original game from PSN about as big as the original game)
  • Pixel Junk Monsters (Update after downloading the original from PSN. Again update bigger than original game)
  • Super Stardust HD (Another freaking update as big as the original game)
I have quite a few more PSN games, but I think my brain would explode if I tried to download them (not to mention my download limit). Does anyone know why they don't put the latest game files on the PSN store?

Games I own on Disk I updated:
  • Burnout Paradise. (Without doubt the biggest and slowest update of the lot. All up about 1Gb in updates. To update this game alone it took a whopping 4 hours+ !)
  • Killzone 2 (Not as bad an update and only took 45min).
I have other games, but again I am way to scared to update for fear of dying of sheer boredom.

This time wasting is not because I have a slow internet connection. (Nor is my speed capped because I have exceeded my limit).

This post is not to bag the PSN, it is just a warning to all PS3 users ... back up frequently! On the day you decide to upgrade you HDD, or Dog forbid your HDD dies, if you don't have a back up, be prepared to not play for a very long time!
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Side note: Downloading BF 1943 on second PS3. File is 565mb. This seems to be downloading at an ok speed compared to most PSN downloads (about 20min).

Does anyone know how the servers for the PSN are set up? Thought maybe each publisher had their own servers, but these two games are both EA; BF 1943 download is not that bad, Burnout Paradise is freaking slow!
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