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Ancient_One 6th December 2009 09:54 AM

PS2 - Buying Another One
Well it seems after having a PS3 for so long and my children still wanting to play the old PS2 games we have decided to buy another PS2.

SO the story goes. We bought the first release PS3 in Australia which had backward compatibility through Firmware upgrades and the built in graphics chip.

We traded in a PS2 slim and a lot of games but we still had a lot of games we liked playing at the time which we kept.

For my son's last birthday this year we went halves on a new PS3 for his room but he then found that several of his games where not able to be transferred to the new PS3. So since no one was playing PS2 games on the older PS3 machine we swapped with him.

Low and behold 3 months later we find that the rest of the family are thinking of playing some of the older PS2 games again. TY Tiger series, Sly Racoon series, Ratchet & Clank series, GTA series and other family orientated games like Monkey Madness which we still have.

SO we have decided to buy a PS2 to enable us to do so.

Funny how the PS2 still has the ability to keep your interest. Also interesting that some game developers are still releasing games on the PS2.

I guess like the N64 we also have and drag out for a good game of Mario Kart and Mario Party, some games will live on for many more years to come.

Long live the PS2.

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