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Default Keyboards and XBOX...

Did you know you can plug a normal USB keyboard into your XBOX (maybe PS3?) and type away?

A buddy of mine told me to try so I did! i always use the keyboard for typing long messages and whatnot....

Better than the "letter navigation" alternative. Sheesh.
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I actually had a wireless keyboard plugged into our PS3 and dare I say it was a Microsoft Keyboard. Grrrrrrr..........

Most people are going for the Sony PS3 Wireless keypad attachment for their controllers.

The Logitech PlayStation 3 Cordless MediaBoard Pro is a nice piece of kit.

I have also seen a slide out qwerty keyboard as part of a remote control for the PS3, the 3 in 1 Wireless Remote Controller Keyboard.

Plenty of devices out their to add that little extra to your console chat ability.

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Originally Posted by Ancient_One View Post
I love this keyboard .. it is "teh awesome." Highly recommend, especially to those guys who surf the net on the PS3 or use their PS3 as a media hub.

For the 360 I use the messenger keypad attachment for the controller. Not only does it rock for messages (and lights up in the dark), but it gives the controller added weight which makes the controller "feel" better to me.

So much so, I find it annoying to use a controller without one.
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I am lazy Ive got keyboard that attached to controller!
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