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Milt 20th January 2010 11:59 PM

wont eject disks
I think my PS3 is fragged as it wont eject disks and when there in it makes a hell of a ratchety noise... Has anyone come across this?
Can it be repaired?
Where in Adelaide could I get this done

and if so is it worth repairing?

Pure Mongrel 21st January 2010 08:13 AM

Sounds like your drive has thrown a cog. (or the cog is worn down)

In terms to the value of fixing it, I would only probably bother if it was a launch console.

Not sure who repairs consoles in Adelaide, but I would start by looking for businesses that mod consoles. They may not fix it, but they should know who can.

Contact SONY and ask what they charge to repair the unit. They will be more expensive, but if you have a launch 60Gb model, I would get them to repair it. Those backward compatible consoles still fetch a hefty price on e-Bay.

Sounds like you PS3 is still "working" so before you send it to anyone (or chose to dump it) get an external USB drive (formatted to FAT32) and back up your hard drive mate.

Sorry I could not be of more help :(

Edit: As I was typing this, I noticed this add on the TOG web site. Although in Sydney they might have some advice or a contact in you neck of the woods. (They also claim nation wide repair).

RMBear 21st January 2010 09:39 AM



Milt 21st January 2010 12:43 PM

Sony will change it over for $250 for antother repaired machine :(
This will take 7 business days......
Im thinking about seeing how much someone will give me for my missus
maybe a trade or something....but seriously
I am wondering if I get it repaired and then trade it in on a new console
I will keep searching for a local repairer

Ancient_One 21st January 2010 10:00 PM

Fingers crossed mate.

A friend of mine got his PS3 Blueray repaired in Sydney for $120 and a drive to Chatswood. The name of the place was The iPhone Doctor.

I remember seeing a story on him once. He provides a service nation wide but not sure on costs to send to him. Could email him. Details on the website.

As for trade in on a new console. Mate if it's the original 60GB Australian release don't do it.
Fix and keep or sell for a better price. People are still in love with the backward compatibility aspect of this machine.

Milt 22nd January 2010 09:32 AM

Sadly I have the 80gig but I ended up purchasing another. I intend on getting this one fixed. I f i could get parts i would do it myself. I beleive the problem is purely mechanical.
Everything else works on it so i will have the play TV hooked up to it for now and use it as a Hdd recorder.
In the end i am not keen on having it swapped for someone elses machine which has been repaired.

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