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Sony PS3 hit by the Y2K bug 10 years after everyone else fixed it!

Hope no one is using it them to power nuclear power plants!
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Originally Posted by Ancient_One View Post
I got this error the other day on my slim. It occured for over an hour until I reset my router.
Yeh, this happens to me occasionally when Tel$tra have a brainfart.

8001050F is just the generic code a PS3 gives when it can't find (or connect to) the PSN.

Originally Posted by Pure Mongrel View Post
I may take off from work early, buy a bucket of popcorn and sit outside an EB and watch (and take bets on) the number of people trying to trade in their fat PS3 for a slimline
Intercept them! Check model numbers and offer dudes $300 cash if it's an original-spec CECHC02.
Then sell them on Ebay and make $500 profit when the PSN issue's fixed
Cad nominatim, CAD per professio, cad per vis.
(Click the .sig for my PSN portable ID)

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is this problem fixed now ? havn't turned on the old phat for a couple of days.
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Moved comment to the right place.

OZ we are back in the game!

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